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Who we are

Greek Nut Company is a modern peanut & peanut butter production unit. It is a company that continually develops its product range. The production capacity of our company is 4000 jars and 4 tons of peanut butter per day. Our products are exported to 12 countries (Bahrain, USA, Germany, Poland, etc.) and distributed to more than 2000 points of sale throughout Greece, to super markets and delicatessen. Our products are distributed by selected representatives in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Chania or directly by our company.

Greek Nut is a vertically integrated, production unit from the field to the shelf and our range of products includes: 100% peanut butter and 4 more codes (peanut butter with honey, peanut butter with peanut praline, crunchy peanut butter and peanut butter with caramel). Peanut butter bars, without added sugar, with honey in 3 codes (Plain peanut butter bar, peanut butter with forest fruits, peanut butter bar with chocolate and coconut). Peanut bars with sugar-free peanut butter, honey (peanuts, sesame) and our new product series, tahini in 3 different codes (white tahini, whole grain, cocoa).

Our products have been awarded in international competitions. 100% peanut butter won 2 gold awards from the International Taste & Quality Institute. Peanut butter with honey won 1 gold award at the Great Taste Awards contest in London. Crunchy peanut butter won 1 gold award and I personally have been awarded as “New Farmer of the Year”.

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pure peanut butter taste without additives and preservatives.